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Planning and installing a fireplace, stove, or gas log installation, along with their associated venting or chimney system requires considerable technical knowledge and skill. Navigating local building codes, permitting requirements, national fire and gas code requirements, international residential building codes and manufacturer installation guidelines can be a challenging and often a confusing endeavor.

Numerous pre-installation requirements need to be considered including clearance to combustible requirements, calculating adequate hearth protection, appliance type, site placement, system routing, vent and chimney sizing, home efficiency, system layout, and compatibility of all components. The UL listing requirements of all components  must be considered to ensure a safe, efficient, and properly installed hearth appliance.

Customers often find it cost effective to consult with us during the planning phase to assist them in ensuring compliance with code regulations, manufacturer UL requirements, and insurance underwriting guidelines.

We are happy to meet with prospective customers in their home to assist in product selection, review of installation requirements, system planning, and permitting. 

National Fireplace Institute

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Why Choose NFI-Certified?
One of the best ways to find competent professionals is to check their credentials. The National Fireplace Institute®, an independent, non-profit certification agency, which conducts nationwide testing of hearth systems planners and technicians.

NFI Certification means that an individual has passed a rigorous examination process and training program that has been reviewed by industry experts. The training curriculum for each NFI Certified specialist includes essential topics such as combustion theory, fuel comparisons, safety code regulations, appliance design and sizing, safety and placement, venting requirements, and installation guidelines. Certification is renewed every three years.


* Compliance with code regulations and manufactures' instructions
* Size, type, features of the hearth appliance
* Proper materials for heat protection of walls and floors
* Appropriate size, type, configuration, and height of venting system
* Selection of proper fuel
* Guidelines for operation and maintenance of the hearth system

Q: Why do I need help from a knowledgeable hearth professional?
A: You're choosing an appliance that can bring years of warmth and comfort to your home... if it's installed properly.

Harnessing the beauty and warmth of fire for the home is not a do-it-yourself project or something you should necessarily trust to the lowest bidder. The hearth in any home is a focal point and center for family enjoyment. As such, it calls for important decisions about the appropriate appliance or products for your goals. Proper placement, venting and protection from combustibles are very important considerations. Both for safety and performance, hearth products require considerable technical knowledge and skill in the designing and installation of them.

Q: How do I find a knowledgeable hearth professional?
A: As with other trades, an excellent indication of competence is an individual's training and testing. In the hearth products industry, the National Fireplace Institute® is the independent, nonprofit certification agency that produces professional training materials and conducts nationwide testing of technical knowledge and skills. All of NFI's activities are overseen by the Hearth Education Foundation, an independent non-profit organization.