About our Services

We offer a full range of specialty hearth and chimney field services. As an NFI certified service company we are often contracted by prospective buyers and local retail shops to provide home consultation services prior to the purchase of specialty hearth products (wood or gas stove, fireplace, log set, or insert). We assist prospective buyers with on site expertise in selecting the best hearth products for their specific application. We identify any special installation or permitting requirements, measure clearances, and identify any potential safety issues or repairs needed prior to the installation.

Typically, installation services begin with a CSIA certified NFPA level 2 inspection service. Chimney and attached pipe systems are inspected, cleaned, and repaired prior to the installation of any new heating appliances.

We provide an NFI certified 20 point gas appliance diagnostic and cleaning service for on site repairs of existing gas log sets, stoves, fireplaces, and inserts. We keep a full complement of commonly needed system components on all service trucks.

Chimney repairs are needed from time to time. We are happy to safeguard homeowners against dangerous chimney, venting, and fireplace situations. We provide demolition and haul away services as well as custom hearth and remolding services.