Chimney Liner Installation

Chimney flue liners are the passageway in the fireplace or furnace flue through which smoke, combustion byproduct, and flue gases (carbon monoxide) travel in order to safely escape your home. Chimney liners come in many forms, shapes, and sizes depending on manufacturer requirements. Chimney liners can be clay tiles mortared in place, rigid metal pipe, or flexible metal pipe. Many homes with chimneys built before the turn of the century do not have liner systems.

Chimney without a linerChimney without a linerChimney without a liner

In order to use your chimney to exhaust or vent a new heating appliance your chimney must meet current code requirement which requires a functioning liner. Some installations require UL listed insulation blankets or UL listed pour in insulation around the liner to prevent thermal transmission of heat beyond the flue walls and maintain proper flue temperatures.

Modern high efficiency furnaces are often incorrectly vented into older unlined or oversized clay lined chimneys causing extensive damage. The flue gases from most high efficiency furnaces are much cooler than traditional furnaces, thus the flue gases condense and collect inside these oversized and unlined chimneys causing acidic moisture damage, efflorescence, accelerated mortar erosion, and potentially life threatening carbon monoxide poisoning. Gas appliances require properly sized chimney liners, aluminum lined b-vent piping, or double walled direct vent piping based on manufacturer UL requirements.

Damaged Chimney InteriorDamage chimney interiorDamaged Chimney Exterior

Wood burning appliances require properly sized clay flue tile liners, 304 or 316TI stainless steel flexible liner systems or rigid stainless steel liner systems in order to draft properly and safely exhaust flue gases and combustion by product. Occasionally, damaged clay flue tiles must be broken into smaller pieces and removed in order to fit the chimney with an appropriately sized liner system.

Many chimney liner products carry a life time manufacturer warranty when installed to UL specifications.


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