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Most homeowners think of brick and masonry chimneys as maintenance free. This couldn’t be further from the truth. We see hundreds of chimneys a year that have cracked, crumbing, defaced, and broken bricks or damage to their chimney crowns every year. Water penetration and freeze-thaw (expansion-contraction) is the root cause of this damage. We do thousands of dollars of masonry restoration annually that could have been prevented with a water repellent product.  We offer a low cost ChimneySaver water repellent treatment which reduces water penetration into masonry products by 99.9% and comes with a 10 year manufacturer warranty!

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Chimney Crown

Your chimney crown is located at the top of your chimney and is designed to help with water shed. Chimney fires, freeze damage, improper design, and exposure to the elements can cause cracks, water retention, and deterioration to the crown. Repairs are dependent on how extensively the crown is damaged. Minor cracks can be filled and the entire crown repaired and sealed with a specialty product called CrownCoat. It comes with a 15 year manufacturer warranty, remains permanently flexible, blocks water penetration and is a truly amazing product!

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Crown Coat
Crown Coat

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Before Crown Coat and After

In some situations the chimney crown maybe completely missing or the damage is too extensive it cannot be saved and must be completely rebuilt. We demolish the old crown, install an expansion joint around each of the existing flues, and pour a single cast concrete slab which is placed over the chimney flues and weatherproofed. Various ornate castings are available to match the décor and age of the home.


Crown Coat

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